Sustainable Protection

Environmental, societal and economic

Procovès implements the concept of “sustainable protection” for its gloves based on 3 areas: environmental, societal and economic.

On an environmental level, PROCOVES always seeks to eliminate any causes of an impact or reduce them during the glove design phase and manufacturing all the way to the final delivery.

Our sustainable development policy is implemented through an impact improvement plan that considers our suppliers and providers as privileged partners.

Thus, we view excellence as respect for ISO 14001 standards in the glove value chain.

Environmental Management System
Confiance Textile
Certified ISO 9001 2015


Procovès requirements

  • Selecting textiles and chemical products that comply with international and European standards such as REACH.
  • Considering the human compatibility of each glove (DMF-free gloves, mortal risk category 3, food contact, Oeko-tex, etc.).
  • Implementing technologies and innovations that produce more durable gloves to reduce the use of materials.
  • Ecologically producing gloves with sustainably maintained machines using top-quality oils and tools.
  • Managing energy and waste through ongoing controls at our glove manufacturing plant.
  • Sorting and processing glove waste and packaging.
  • Optimizing transport (customer and supplier deliveries) for boxes of gloves.
  • Valorising and recycling gloves at the end of their useful life.

Societal & Economic

Procovès strives for excellence

The societal axis of Procovès :

On a societal level, PROCOVES promotes diversity and equal opportunities, guarantees social dialogue, fosters equity by guiding all employees through their professional development and places education and training at the core of our responsibilities.
Thus, we view excellence in our performance evaluation as respect for CSR 26001 standards in the glove value chain.

The economic axis of Procovès :

On an economic level, value creation at PROCOVES, a glove designer/manufacturer for 5 decades, benefits the regional economy in the countries where we’re present and further allows us to guarantee excellent financial health to continue the company’s development.

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